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Updated: May 15

Inner Garden Education – A strong pillar for educators and a thriving garden for children

In the dynamic field of early childhood education in Alberta, Inner Garden Education (IG) not only shines as a beacon of quality education, but also stands proudly as a staunch advocate for employee welfare and development. We are a home - a place for children to be raised, a safe haven for parents, and a strong backing for our dedicated educators.

In a sea of ​​average salaries across Alberta and even across the country, IG is proud to set the bar even higher. We offer the most competitive compensation packages in the industry, reflecting our unwavering belief in investing in our educators. However, our commitment to our employees goes beyond great wages.

At IG, we stand behind all educators, providing in-depth support to help them achieve their life goals. We are committed to creating an environment that encourages professional development, develops personal strengths, and rewards dedication. Many of our educators have advanced through the ranks and become partners, thereby realizing their potential and meaningfully contributing to IG's success story.

We are pioneers in developing this support system, which allows our educators to focus their energy on what really matters - caring for and educating our children. Our teacher-student ratio is intentionally kept low at 1:5.5, compared to the 1:8.9 ratio in most day care centers. This intentional structure ensures that each child receives personalized care and guidance, promoting deep connections between educators and the children in their care.

This unique focus on employee welfare directly benefits our students. Happy, motivated, and well-supported educators can devote themselves to creating a rich educational environment. Our educators can build deeper relationships with children, understand their unique needs, interests and potential, and cultivate their curiosity and love of learning.

To potential educators, we extend an invitation: Join us and become part of a community that values ​​your well-being, supports your life goals, and provides you with opportunities for professional growth. At IG, you're more than just an employee – you're an integral part of a team dedicated to shaping children's futures.

To parents, we promise: At IG, our educators are supported by our strong system and are committed to giving your children the best start in life. We ensure your child receives personalized, loving care and a quality education from motivated, happy and well-supported educators.

Join the IG family and experience the difference. Here, every child is a unique "spring" in our "rose", and every educator is an important pillar of our flourishing "garden". Let's cultivate a brighter future together, one child at a time, one educator at a time. Inner Garden Education is a powerhouse for educators and a thriving garden for children – let’s cultivate this ecosystem together to create a brighter tomorrow.

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