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Alberta Child Care Subsidy & Grant

Updated: May 15

Introduction to Alberta Child Care subsidy and Grant in licensed family dayhome programs.


If your child is enrolled in our licensed family day home program at Inner Garden Education, you will be eligible to apply for subsidies. The subsidy rates vary based on the child’s age, family income, the childcare program, and the number of hours a child attends each month.

The subsidies we offer include a subsidy for children 0 to kindergarten-age (in kindergarten and also attending child care during regular school hours), a preschool subsidy for children enrolled in a licensed preschool program and an extended hours subsidy for children who require care outside regular hours. Additionally, starting January 2022, Child care in Alberta will be more affordable under the new federal-provincial child care agreement. Fees will be lowered through expanded subsidies and affordability grants.

Table: Maximum subsidy rates for children 0 to kindergarten age (in kindergarten and also attending child care during regular school hours)

Family Annual Income ($)

Full-time rate (100+ hours)

0 to 119,999


120,000 to 124,999


125,000 to 129,999


$130,000 to $134,999


$135,000 to $139,999


$140,000 to $144,999


$145,000 to $149,999


$150,000 to $154,999


$155,000 to $159,999


$160,000 to $164,999


$165,000 to $169,999


$170,000 to $174,999


$175,000 to $179,999


Part-time rates are prorated based on hours (80 hours = 80% of the full-time rate



Inner Garden Education day homes will be receiving additional funding from the government that will be used to lower the fees for our families. This reduction in fees is a result of the Alberta government’s agreement with the federal government to increase access to affordable and high-quality child care for families.

All parents of children zero to kindergarten age will benefit from reduced fees through affordability grants. Funding is provided directly to operators and is to be used specifically to reduce fees

Table: Affordability grants for licensed facility-based and home-based child care

Infant (Under 19 months)

Toddler (19 months to under 3 years

Preschool Age (3 years to kindergarten age)

Preschool Program (Part-time programming for 4 or less hours per day

for children19 months up to kindergarten)

All Inner Garden Education Licensed Day Homes

Up to $487

Up to $452

Up to $417


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